1. I want to know the final shipping cost for the items before i order.

2. Can i combine and ship my orders together?

3. When will my order be shipped?

4. Which shipping services do you offer?

5. Why is Singapore's shipping so expensive?

6. It's been weeks and i have yet to receive my package! 

7. My parcel is damaged / lost!

8. Why is it neccessary for my order to be shipped in multiple shipments?


Q: I want to know the final shipping cost for the items before i order.

A: We understand that our customers would like to be able to see the exact amount they need to pay for shipping before they place their order - however as the actual calculation involves many variables such as the box size, weight, dimension etc it is currently not possible for the shopping cart system to calculate this automatically for us. We do not wish to charge a "flat rate" for shipping as we believe this will essentially lead to overcharging the customers!


If you are unsure of how much the shipping costs for in-stock products, please email us at sales@hobby-frontier.com. If you do not agree with the final shipping fees, please contact us and indicate that you wish to cancel your order.

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Q: Can i combine and ship my orders together?

A:  We will allow combined shipping under the following condition:

1. All the items are already in-stock. 

2. The pre-order item(s) in your order are due to arrive in the same month.

3. Full up-front payment is made for items that have already arrived.


Note: Arrival dates are at least 2 weeks to 1 month after the product's release date in JapanThis is due to lead-time needed for the goods to travel to Singapore via freight.

If your order includes both pre-order and in-stock items, or several pre-order items due for release in different months, we will break up the order and ship them separately. Also, we may be forced to ship your products in multiple cartons if your country's maximum parcel size limit prevents us from shipping everything in one single parcel.

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Q: When will my order be shipped?

A: We will ship your order when any of the following conditions are met:

- You have in-stock items in your order and they are ready to be shipped.

- You request for us to ship certain available items first or separately.

- Your pre-ordered item(s) arrived and you have no other items arriving in the same month.


Normally your order will be processed and be ready for shipping within 2 working days of receiving your payment. However, please note that Speedpost does not work on weekends and thus parcels cannot be posted out during weekends. We apologize for any delays.

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Q: Which shipping services do you offer?

A: We offer the following shipping services for our customers:


Speedpost Priority:

- 2 to 8 working days for delivery.

- Compensation of up to SGD$150 per package included. 

  (Based on the declared value of the item or the above mentioned whichever is lower.)

- Online tracking of your parcel location by EMS.


Speedpost Priority Rates:



Speedpost Standard:

- 5 to 14 working days for delivery.

- Compensation of up to SGD$90 per package included. 

  (Based on the actual value of the item or the above mentioned whichever is lower. Does not apply to some countries)

- Online tracking of your parcel location by local postal service.


Speedpost Standard Rates:



Registered Air Mail

- Delivery time varies - check here

- Comes with limited tracking. (Only for certain countries)

- Only suitable for small items. 240mm (width) x 340mm (length) x 70mm (height) and weighing not more than 2kg.

- For the shipping rates please check here.


TA-Q-BIN (Domestic only)

- Next working day delivery.

- For the shipping rates please check here. (under Rate & Size chart)


Self Collection

- Customer to arrange with Hobby Frontier and pickup their order within two weeks of their purchase at the various MRT stations around Singapore (at no extra cost to them). Please give at least one working day notice in advance for us to ready your items. 

- Requests for meeting at other venues (non MRT stations) are considered to be the same as home delivery services and will be chargeable using local courier rates. However, we may at our discretion, choose to waive the charge.

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Q: Why is Singapore's shipping so expensive?

A: We do realize that in comparison with some other countries, Speedpost's shipping rates are more expensive. Unfortunately, the rates are decided by Speedpost and are beyond our control - alternatives like FEDEX and DHL cost even more here (upwards of SGD$100+ for a small parcel!). Also, please remember that the distance between the sender and receipient's country plays a part in costs!


We strongly advise all international customers to make the effort to view Speedpost's rate tables on their website (www.speedpost.com.sg) to get a general idea of how much it would cost before committing their purchases. For single figure purchases, typically the weight range would be from 500g-2kg inclusive of the box and stuffing. For other lightweight items like phone straps and apparel, the typical range would be from 100g - 500g (due to the weight of the box). We will always try to use Registered Air Mail to make small items' shipping more affordable.



If you feel the shipping may be too expensive, contact us to cancel the order immediately! Sitting on the order when you have no intention of paying for it's shipping only denies other customers the opportunity to purchase the item and causes us to overstock! 

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Q: It's been weeks and i have yet to receive my package! 

A: If you feel that your order is taking a long time to reach you (over 3 weeks for Priority, over 5 weeks for Standard), please have your parcel's tracking or delivery confirmation number ready and consult with your domestic post office about it's delivery status. 


Your package may be waiting for you at the post office or it might be withheld by customs at the port of entry. Keep an eye out for Undeliverable Shipment notices in your mail box as well - they will usually contain instructions on how you can get hold of your parcel. If the package is sent back to us due to an error on our part, we will re-ship the package to you for free. However in the event that the package was returned to us due to some fault of the customer such as supplying us with a wrong address / undeliverable package, we will require the customer to pay for the additional postage costs for re-delivery. 


For domestic deliveries (TA-Q-BIN) please consult with TA-Q-BIN directly via their website here.

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Q: My parcel was damaged / lost!

A: If your package is lost during the delivery process, you should contact your local post office first and file a case with them for the parcel. If the package arrives at your doorstep in a bad condition and you suspect the contents are damaged, please take photos of the unopened box first! Then if possible, open and inspect the box contents in the presence of a post office representative. 

Please note that damage to the exterior box may happen due to poor handling by the postman. In such cases you should file a claim with the local post office for compensation. If you open up the product's box and find that the item inside is damaged / defective (e.g. broken parts) even though the exterior box is fine, then this qualifies as a manufacturer defect and should be handled via our returns policy which you can review here


IMPORTANT: Please note that for compensation of lost items, the amount you can claim is limited in most cases unless you buy insurance from the postal service (Speedpost/Singpost). If you wish to insure your items please let us know before making payment!

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Q: Why is it neccessary for my order to be shipped in multiple shipments?

A: Unfortunately, postal services imposes a limitation on the maximum dimension of the box that we can use. For example, a single box or parcel shipped to the United States of America via Speedpost Priority must comply with the maximum length of 1.05m and it's maximum length plus girth (2xWidth+2xHeight) must not exceed 2m.

In the event that all your purchases cannot be packed together as it exceeded the maximum allowable size, we may be forced to ship the entire order in multiple shipments. Please rest assured that we will always contact you beforehand to inform you of the situation and work out a solution to get your items shipped in the cheapest and dependable way possible.

To find out about the maximum size limits for your country please visit the link for the corresponding shipping services:




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