Placing Orders

1. What is the order process like?

2. Can i combine and ship my orders together?

3. I have placed an order but have yet to receive a confirmation email!

4. Why do i have to pay a deposit for reservations?

5. What is this handling and Paypal fee?

6. Can i cancel my order?

7. Why are there limits on the quantity i can buy for some of your products?

8. I have received an order cancellation email! Why?

9. My browser is having trouble with your shopping cart system / site.

10. What does the various order statuses mean?


Q: What is the order process like?


Basic Ordering Process


The basic ordering process is as follows:

1. Find the item(s) in our store that you wish to purchase/pre-order.

2. Click on the "add to cart/reserve" button to place the item into shopping cart.

3. Once you are satisfied click on "Proceed to checkout", input the necessary information and checkout your order. 

4. An automatic response from the server will be sent to notify you that we have received your order. Please give us up to 72hrs for us to process your order. You will receive a second email with additional instructions on how to proceed. (payment, order confirmation etc)

5. You will receive your order through the chosen delivery method. For pre-orders, no further action is needed until arrival of the reserved item(s). Once the stock arrives, we will email you again to advise on collection/payment.

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Q: Can i combine and ship my orders together?

A:  We will allow combined shipping under the following condition:

1. All the items are already in-stock. 

2. The pre-order item(s) in your order are due to arrive in the same month.

3. Full up-front payment is made for items that have already arrived.


Note: Arrival dates are at least 2 weeks to 1 month after the product's release date in JapanThis is due to lead-time needed for the goods to travel to Singapore via freight.

If your order includes both pre-order and in-stock items, or several pre-order items due for release in different months, we will break up the order and ship them separately. Also, we may be forced to ship your products in multiple cartons if your country's maximum parcel size limit prevents us from shipping everything in one single parcel.

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Q: I have placed an order but have yet to receive a confirmation email!

A: If you received the initial "echo" confirmation email, then please wait for up to 72hrs after placing your order before contacting us. As we are a small business, we may not be able to attend to every single request immediately. We seek your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused.


If you have not even received the initial "echo" confirmation from us, then please check your spam/junk mail folders first. This is because due to high volume of spammers nowadays, legitimate email like our confirmation emails may get filtered into your spam folder without your knowledge! Please make sure to set your spam filter to allow emails from our domain. You can also view your orders summary at "My Account" on the left side bar to determine if your order went through successfully. (It should show a new order with status as OPEN)

If you need help on how to do this or are concerned about arbitrarily mail blocks, please contact your Internet service provider as such issues are unfortunately beyond our control.

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Q: Why do i have to pay a deposit for reservations?

A: We are a small business and that means our limited cashflow must be carefully regulated. Due to some irresponsible customers who ordered stock (some in the thousands of dollars!) and ran away/refused to pay after we have submitted the orders to our suppliers, we were forced to take steps to protect ourselves. Our suppliers will not allow us to cancel our orders, so we ended up paying for all those abandoned orders.


After much deliberation we decided that the only way to prevent this situation from worsening was to ask everyone to put forth some money (20%) when they reserve items. Afterall, people are less likely to act irresponsibly when they have a stake in the outcome! 

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Q: What is this handling and Paypal Fee?

A: We charge handling fees to pay for brand new carton boxes. (which we use to pack your items in before shipping them to you.) If we used a recycled carton box, we will waive the handling fee. The costs for bubble wrap, and other packing materials are absorbed by us. 


For Paypal fees - it is only applicable if the customer uses paypal to make payment.

Paypal charges the seller a fee for receiving payments thru them.



Unlike most shops we do not hide the fees inside the total amount payable. This ensures that customers using cash or ibanking need not pay more.

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Q: Can i cancel my order?

A: We DO NOT accept order cancellations after the product's closing date. (i.e we have already submitted the order to the distributor and must pay for them). For in-stock items or eligible items, you may cancel the order as long as we are informed in writing within the respective payment deadlines.


If you wish to cancel due to special reasons, please email us at sales@hobby-frontier.com with your reason(s) and we will consider it on a case-by-case basis.


We strongly urge all of our customers to purchase or reserve a particular item only if they are 100% committed and really want the item!


Late cancellations or allowing your orders to lapse without bothering to inform us will result in automatic forfeit of your deposit payment (if applicable) and impact your account's standing. Prioritization for order processing, stock allocation and approval for special collection/payment arrangements will only be given to accounts with good standing. So please make the effort to keep us informed!

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Q: Why are there limits on the quantity i can buy for some of your products?

A: This is because we would like to ensure that everyone gets a chance to purchase what they want. It wouldn't be fair to our other customers if a single customer decides to buy out all our exclusive products or products with high demand to resell on reseller market for huge markups!

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Q: I have received an order cancellation email! Why?

A: We may initiate an order cancellation under the following situations:

1. You cannot be contacted. (e.g. invalid email address / phone number, bounced mails)

2. Payment deadline for the order has lapsed and you did not respond / take action.

3. Your account has being closed / blacklisted.

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Q: My browser is having trouble with your shopping cart system / site.

A: We have developed our website to be compatible with all the major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and have tested running the site on them extensively. If you are experiencing problems while using an older version of the above mentioned web browser(s), we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version (which is free). Should you still experience problems with our site, please kindly contact us at help@hobby-frontier.com and we will try our best to help you out with your transaction. 

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Q: What does the various order statuses mean?

A:  If you check your orders under "My Account" you may have noticed that there is an "order status" pegged to each order that you made. Here is what they mean.

  • OPEN: Order created by system and is active.
  • PENDING PAYMENT: Order is currently pending payment by customer.
  • PENDING PICKUP: Order is pending collection by customer (for self-collection only)
  • PREPARING FOR SHIPPING: Order is currently being prepared for delivery.
  • PARTIALLY SHIPPED: Order has some items shipped but still have other pending items.
  • CANCELLED: Order has been cancelled.
  • DECLINED: Order has being declined. 
  • COMPLETED: Order is completed with all items fulfilled / shipped.
  • OVERDUE FOR COLLECTION/PAYMENT: Order is overdue for payment/collection.
  • AWAITING RESPONSE: We have attempted to contact you about the order. Please respond! 
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