Product Availability

Q: Does pre-ordering the product means that i would get it for sure?

A: Under normal circumstances, pre-ordering a product with us would mean that you are guaranteed to receive the item when it arrives at our shop. However please be aware that sometimes the manufacturers may cut / limit production or even cancel production of a product. In instances like this, we might be forced to cancel your pre-order if we are unable to secure stock from alternative sources.



Q: Then why should i pre-order?

A: Because pre-ordering still gives you the best chance to get the item and is cheaper! Waiting for excess stock to be available for sale on retail usually would be much more expensive and may be subject to stock out. 



Q: Why is your pre-order product "out of stock"?

A: Usually pre-orders for products have a cut off date after which the shops will have to send in their orders and no further orders will be accepted by the manufacturers. However to serve our customers better we will usually order excess stock and continue to put them up for pre-order even after the cut off date. Should all the extra stock be reserved by other customers after the cut off date and before the product is released, you will see it listed on our site as "out of stock".



Q: This item is supposed to be released in Japan already! Where is it?

A: We would like to remind our customers that the dates shown on our site are the products' release dates in Japan. As we are based in Singapore, it will take time for the distributor to pack and ship the cartons across the ocean to us. Depending on which distributor we are taking the stock from, it may take up to one month after the item is released in Japan for it to reach us.


Also it is not uncommon for the manufacturers to change their products' release dates from time to time. While we make every effort to be accurate with the information on our site, we may miss out some item information from time to time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Q: Wow, some of your items go out of stock fast! Why is that so?

A: We do our best to keep as many products as we can in stock but unlike mass-produced consumer products, many of the products we sell are usually produced in limited quantity of just a few hundred or thousand pieces. While re-runs do happen, they are not common and usually limited to non-exclusive and more popular products / franchises. Thus, to maximize your chances of getting the item you want, we recommend that you pre-order it.



Q: Why was i informed that my pre-order is being cancelled!?

A: Unfortunately, sometimes due to cut in production or even cancellation of production by the manufacturers themselves, the distributors may not have enough stock and will reduce their retailers' order quantity. In such instances, we may be forced to cancel your order if we are unable to secure additional stock from other channels to make up for the stock deficit.


Your order may also be cancelled if you fail to collect / make payment within the stipulated deadline and did not communicate with us regarding the lapse.  

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 


Q: Can i order items that are listed as sold out?

A: Simply email us at sales@hobby-frontier.com and tell us the item code / name and we will try to get more stock from our distributors. However, as most products in the chara-hobby industry are usually limited production items, products that are released quite a while ago may no longer be available through wholesale channels.



Q: Do you do sourcing for old releases?

A: Sorry but currently we do not offer any sourcing services for old releases. Usually "sourcing" involves buying the item from another shop at their retail price, buying from resellers at high markup or asking a third party to bid for the item on auction sites. All these will involve additional costs that makes the item prohibitively expensive to the customer even before our own markup and in cases of auction sniping, does not guarantee the condition and authenticity of the item! As much as possible, we seek to provide products to our customers through wholesale channels to ensure that everyone can get what they want at a fair price.



Q: Can you open pre-order for these particular products?

A: Sure! Just send us the name of the product and if possible a picture of the item and we will forward the query to our distributors.